Wednesday, June 27, 2007


WARNING: Geek Content

If you saw the movie Deja Vu, you'll recall that they supposedly recreated a 3-D environment by putting together all of the available video data and were navigating the world through that. (This was before we discover the true, much more fanciful nature of their technology.) Well, the first explanation is much closer to being available now.

This software, Photosynth, analyzes collections of photos, either your own or culled from a database like Flickr, and then arranges them into a 3-D representation, so that you can actually look around a whole environment by moving from picture to picture. Didn't get detail of that cool gargoyle on your camera? Just zoom into the picture and it will switch to a picture from someone who did. Forgot what was around the corner? Turn the model around and see if someone else took a picture of that side.

If they keep this up, I may never have to travel again. Which would be sad. But at least I'd save a lot on airfare.



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