Monday, September 24, 2007

Back from Cali

I spent the weekend down in LA, checking on my dad who's in the hospital with another stroke. He's doing okay, relatively speaking.

The only thing I really miss about LA is the gazillion restaurants in close proximity. Otherwise, I rather like it up here in the boonies of Washington, where the hills aren't scorched black and brown and the roads aren't clogged with cars.

I'm going to do revisions on a couple of stories this week, so I can get them out the door. And then I will be concentrating on something new for awhile. I'm also anticipating having a day job again soon--we'll see how that goes.

The new project is novelish length. Possibly a series. (Ack!) The upside is that I can feel good about sinking lots of prep time into it, whereas spending three months ruminating on a short story feels self-indulgent and procrastinatory. The downside is that I haven't written anything that long. Ever. Possibly not even cumulatively, if you added together every story I've ever written.

Let the adventure begin.


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